Miss Call

Looking for exciting Lead Generation Applications for your Product?

Utilise the power of Missed call for verification of your new Online Users, stop the spam registrations and build clean database!

User is presented with a Number to give Missed Call on during Registration process. As soon as Missed Call is received from the user we verify him/her instantly and registration process continue.

Use Miss Call Services?

Lead Generation: Lead Generation hasn’t been that simple. Ask prospects to give a Missed Call on your number and greet them with customised SMS.

Opinion Polls: Get real-time inputs on how your business is performing, quick to setup opinion Polls for various Point of contact.

Live Event Voting: Make any Event more interactive by Live Voting & results. Best is Its completely free for the end User.

Coupon Delivery: Deliver special offers and coupon codes through your SMS response just at a Missed Call.

Customer Feedback: A quick Feedback from your Customers about any service or product at any point of contact like Delivery of Order.

User Verification: Verify the User and Mobile Number by asking to give a Missed Call on your iMissedCall number.

Rating System: Companies can procure multiple MissedCall numbers, one corresponding each rating to automate customer rating process.

Cash on Delivery: Ecom Portals with COD facility can verify the Buyer before Order is confirmed, reduces fraud cases.

Opt-in List building: Building a 100% genuine opt-in List for SMS updates is absolutely possible with MissedCall verification before registration.

Information pulling: Your Subscribers can pull in any information via SMS on demand like latest Stock update by just a Missed Call.


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