The program is Currently available in India, Canada & United Nation.

The Ecommunication Reseller program covers Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, Voice Call, Miss Call and Short Code.

While Ecommunication Resellers can sell into customers of any size, including government, Financial Institutes, Banking, Ecommerce and educational institutions. For more details, please connect with our Sales Executive.

Role of a Ecommunication Reseller

Partners are a critical component of the customer experience and enable us to meet customer demand globally. We depend on our partners to provide 1) local customer relationships and expertise 2) personalized reach and 3) a broad set of complementary services.

Resellers provide essential services that allow customers to take maximum advantage of the Ecommunication product suite, ease the initial setup, migration, customization, and ongoing user experience.

Our entire program is designed to place our resellers in control of the customer relationship, from billing and pricing to support, customized services, and communications. Our focus is on building a best-in-class product and allowing our partners to deliver a best-in-class experience.

Building Your Business With ECommunication

Moving to the cloud often means lower absolute margins on licensing, but increases the importance of partner services, e.g., consultation, data migration, and change management. Lower licensing costs increase the customer’s available budget for partner services, with a lower overall delivery cost for our partners.

No. Your investment in Ecommunication can scale with customer interest and adoption. We do expect partners to invest some time upfront in product and sales training. However, there is no program fee and there are no minimum ongoing volume requirements.

We will train your sales, deployment and support team.

Service Levels and Support

While not required, resellers are encouraged to be the front line support for their customers, including this in their overall package of offerings. The support link in a customer's administrator control panel can even be customized with your contact information.

After utilizing the online resources available, resellers can contact the Ecommunication support team for second-level support as needed. Resellers also have the option to escalate technical issues to the Ecommunication support team at their discretion. Note that Ecommunication will not provide this support directly to the end customer, as this is a service opportunity for our resellers.

There are a few main contracts that cover the SLA between Ecommunication, the reseller, and the customer.

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